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"Socks" Wins Best Short in Experimental Category - Casablanca Film Factory Awards

In the heart of cinematic storytelling lies the power to illuminate the darkest corners of society, a mission that Socks, an evocative short film by Dr. Mary E. Weems, accomplishes with profound impact. This one-woman, one-act drama has been honored with the "Best Experimental Film" at the Casablanca Film Factory Awards, a recognition of its bold exploration into the harrowing reality of human trafficking through the eyes of Belinda, a young girl's chilling narrative of survival and resilience.

Socks has resonated globally, securing awards at esteemed festivals like the Frida Film Festival, New York Movie Awards, Paris Film Awards, and more. Dr. Weems, leveraging her art as a vehicle for social justice, extends the experience of Socks through screenings and workshops aimed at sparking dialogue and action against human trafficking. As Socks continues to inspire and educate, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of film in the fight for a better world.


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