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Dr. Mary E. Weems performing Lost andFound
NEW: Loss and Found


This one-woman performance and workshop by Dr. Mary E. Weems is designed to help others on their journey between grief and healing.

"Loss, especially loss of a child, morphs in my life into fear of loss. As the parent of one child who lives with mental illness and another who embraces heavy substance abuse (which means, let's face it, two children living with mental illness), I know that the late night phone call or uniformed knock at the door can color my future."  - November 2017 workshop participant

For details and booking info, please visit this page.

Blackeyed and the Imagination-Intellect


Lecture on Weems' imagination-intellect theory and how it’s developed through the arts including an emphasis on critical reflection, empathy and dramatic performance. Weems will use her book Blackeyed: Plays and Monologues as an example of someone with a socially conscious, astute imagination-intellect using their work to speak out against racism, and other social issues, inspire embracing interculturalism and empathy. 

Includes a lecture, audience discussion and book signing. 

Black Notes (One-Woman Show)



A performance using poetic and narrative inquiry to investigate the Black experience through a cultural lens which shifts from the personal to the political while exploring social issues including racism, domestic violence and loss. 


After the performance, the audience will have an opportunity to respond in writing to three prompts, then share their work to frame the post-show discussion.


Inspired by the play, Black Notes, this workshop includes a performance, audience discussion and book signing. 

Telling Our Stories: Celebrating Diversity

Weems uses objects to tell the story of her journey to success. Her story will include the importance of learning to embrace people from different races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures as part of her development into a more empathetic, caring, reflective person. The audience will then pair off and share their stories using prompts pertinent to the moment, followed by a time to share.


Session will end with a handout of 10 things to remember about the experience.

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