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"Socks" Wins Best Original Short Film at Frida: A Culmination of Residency at University of Alabama

"Socks" was just presented at the University of Alabama--Tuscaloosa on Friday, September 29th, as part of my residency from September 23rd to the 30th, by Professor Robin Boylorn, in the Department of Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication.

It was a semi-finalist for "Best Original Short Film" in the 2023 Atlanta Movie Awards, and now has won "Best Original Short Film" in the 2023 Frida Film Festival.

My residency at the University of Alabama--Tuscaloosa, was to facilitate a series of workshops I designed based upon "Collaborative Spirit-Writing," the new qualitative Interpretive Method co-constructed with my co-author Dr. Bryant Keith Alexander, Dean of the College of Communications at Loyola University-Marymount, as expressed in our book "Collaborative Spirit-Writing in Everyday Black Lives" (Routledge, 2022), and to do a campus wide performance/reading from my new manuscript "Fall and Response."

Dr. Mary E. Weems


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